Evgeny Kirillovich Golubev / Евгений Кириллович Голубев

List of Golubev's works

If the name of a piece is underlined, click on it for more information.

The list of works was compiled from library listings, Anatoly Sanko's dissertation "EK Golubev: Composer, Teacher, Musical Figure", and from Onno van Rijen's list. The "Without Opus (WoO)" numbers are unofficial; I assigned them simply to keep things organized.

YearTitleAudioScoreOpusDurationYear of PublicationScored for
1929Poem PDF018'1933Piano
1930Piano Sonata No 1 in D-Flat PDF0210'1944, 1987Piano
1930Ballade  02b8'1967Piano
1930Poem PDF036'1935Violin & Piano
1930Fugue in B Minor  044'1968Piano
1930Double Fugue in F  WoO 017'UnpublishedOrchestra
1931Requiem in Memory of Lenin  057'UnpublishedBaritone & Piano
1931October Cantata  060'UnpublishedChorus & Orchestra
1932Piano Sonata No 2 in F-Sharp Minor  078'UnpublishedPiano
1933-443 Pushkin Poems  0810'1947, 1999, 2001Mezzo, Tenor, & Piano
1933Piano Sonata No 3 in A PDF0917'1959, 1971Piano
1933Quartet No 1 in D  1012'UnpublishedString Quartet
1934Symphony No 1 in F Minor "On a Russian Folk Theme"  1130'UnpublishedOrchestra
1935Return of the SunSee Op 80 below 1250'With piano reduction, 1937Chorus, Soloists, & Orchestra
19367 Songs of Khanty Children  1315'1937, 1940Voice & Piano
1936Ukrainian Rhapsody PDF1411'1937Piano
1936On the Death of the PoetMP3
Moscow Conservatory Choir/ Boris Tevlin
 15 No 16'1939Chorus
1936On the Death of the Poet  15 No 26'1939Baritone & Piano
1937The Blacksmith  160'1938, 2015Chorus
1937Eleven Republics (radio)  WoO 020'UnpublishedOrchestra (?)
1938Symphony No 2 in C Minor (revised in 1973 as Op 17b)  1726'UnpublishedOrchestra
19385 Pieces in Memory of LermontovMP3
Tatyana Smirnova, piano; A. Hetman, reader
 1810'1940, 1949, 1959Piano
1938Shine, Dawn, in the Fog (or Mist)  19 No 13'1939Voice & Piano
1938In the Steppe, beyond the River  19 No 22'1939Voice & Piano
1938Moscow, Moscow...I Love You Like a Son  19 No 36'UnpublishedChorus
1938Piano Quintet in D MinorClassical Music ArchivePDF (score & parts)2040'1971Piano & String Quartet
1938Lermontov (film)  WoO 030'UnpublishedOrchestra (?)
1942Symphony No 3 in E Minor  2130'UnpublishedOrchestra
1943Piano Sonata No 4 in F MinorYouTubePDF2226'1946, 1961, 1971Piano
19433 Russian Songs  2310'1945Chorus
1944Piano Concerto No 1 in A MinorYouTubePDF2431'1961; with piano reduction in 1960 and 1971Soloist & Orchestra
1945Heroes are Immortal  2542'UnpublishedChorus, Soloists, & Orchestra
1946Forest Song (play)  260'UnpublishedOrchestra (?)
1946Two Suites from the play "Forest Song"  26b0'Unpublished (per Sanko); but at least one piece was published in a collection in 1963Orchestra (?)
1946Children's Album (2 books with 12 pieces each)vk.com, "Rain" only 270'1947, 1960, 1967Piano
1947Symphony No 4 in E-Flat Minor  2824'UnpublishedOrchestra
1948Ballad of the Volga  295'1951Voice & Piano
1948Piano Concerto No 2 D-FlatYouTubePDF3022'1958; with piano reduction in 1950 and 1975Soloist & Orchestra
1949Quartet No 2 in F Minor  3122'1952String Quartet
1949In Old Ruza: a Cycle of 5 Pieces PDF3214'1953, 1971Piano
1949Civic Courage (or) The Great, Who Earned Honor in Battle  33 No 16'1950Chorus
1949At the Grave of the Unknown Soldier  33 No 20'UnpublishedChorus
1950Symphony No 1 in F Minor (Revision) "On a Russian Folk Theme"  3430'1986Orchestra
1950Piano Sonata No 5 in E-Flat PDF3516'1957, 1971Piano
1951Trumpet Sonata in E-Flat PDF36 No 27'1963Trumpet & Piano
1952Overture in E-Flat  36 No 17'UnpublishedOrchestra
1952Violin Sonata in D PDF3728'1969Violin & Piano
1953Quartet No 3 in C  3828'1956String Quartet
1953Harp Quintet in C MinorYouTube
PDF (score & parts)39 No 121'1960Harp & String Quartet
1953Evening on the Moscow River  39 No 25'UnpublishedHarp
1954Piano Concerto No 3 in G MinorYouTubePDF4044'With piano reduction in 1959 and 1975Soloist & Orchestra
1955Quintet in E-Flat(a phantom piece?) WoO 040'UnpublishedPiano, violin, cello, clarinet, and French horn
1956Cello Concerto in D MinorYouTube
Mstislav Rostropovich, cello; USSR Radio Symphony Orchestra/ Evgeny Svetlanov

Jorg Metzger, cello; Nurenberg Symphony/ Gunter Neidlinger
PDF4135'1985; with piano reduction in 1961Soloist & Orchestra
1957Heroes of October  4212'UnpublishedOrchestra
1957Death of a Poet  438'With piano reduction, 1963Baritone & Orchestra
1960Quartet No 4 in G MinorMP3
Komitas String Quartet
 4428'1963String Quartet
1960Symphony No 5 in A MinorYouTube 4545'1967Orchestra
19613 Pieces  46 Nos 1-30'1961Cello
1961Concerto Aria PDF (at end of file)46 No 46'1966Cello
1961Concerto AriaYouTube
Vera Dulova, harp leader; Mstislav Rostropovich, cello leader
PDF46 No 46'1966Cellos & Harp (or Cellos & Piano)
1961Viola Concerto in A PDF4717'With piano reduction in 1965Soloist & Orchestra
1961Quartet No 5 in G  4818'1966String Quartet
1963Quartet for 2 Flutes & 2 Harps  4911'1990Flutes & Harps
1965Odyssey (Ballet-Symphony in 3 acts, 6 scenes)  50150'UnpublishedFemale Chorus & Orchestra
1966Collective Variations on Miaskovsky's 16th SymphonyYouTube WoO 050'UnpublishedOrchestra
1966Symphony No 6 in F  5122'1976Orchestra
1967Quartet No 6 in E Minor  5217'1971String Quartet
1968Quartet No 7 in D Minor  5314'1970String Quartet
1969Piano Sonata No 6 in D Minor PDF5411'1971Piano
1969Classical Scherzo (Sonata) for Bassoon & Piano  55 No 17'1973Bassoon & Piano
1969Arioso  55 No 25'1973Horn & Piano
1970Violin Concerto in D MinorMP3
Grigory Zhislin, violin; unknown orchestra/ Maxim Shostakovich
PDF5621'With piano reduction in 1973Soloist & Orchestra
1971Quartet No 8 in A Minor  5720'1972String Quartet
1971Quartet No 9 in D Minor  5822'1972String Quartet
1971Quartet No 10 in B MinorYouTube 5923'1974String Quartet
19713 Pieces  6612'1978Piano
1972Cello Sonata in E Minor  6017'1975Cello & Piano
1972Quartet No 11 in C MinorYouTube 6120'1974String Quartet
1972Symphony No 7 in B-Flat Minor "Heroic"YouTube 6745'1979Orchestra
1973Symphony No 2 in C Minor, revision  17b0'UnpublishedOrchestra
19733 Gorodetsky Poems  6210'1977Bass (Baritone) & Piano
1974Quartet No 12 in A Minor  6317'1975String Quartet
1974Quartet No 13 in B-Flat Minor  6413'1975String Quartet
1974Piano Sonata No 7 in B  6512'1979Piano
1974The Return of Odyssey (Choreographic Symphony)  50b45'UnpublishedOrchestra
1974Symphony No 3 in E Minor (Revision)  21b30'1998Orchestra
1976Quartet No 14 in A-Flat Minor  6822'1980String Quartet
1976Quartet No 15 in G  6923'1980String Quartet
1976Quartet No 16 in G "Divertimento"  7023'1980String Quartet
1976Piano Sonata No 8 in C  7115'1979Piano
1977Piano Sonata No 9 in F  7218'1979Piano
1977Quartet No 17 in C Minor  7320'1980String Quartet
1977Piano Sonata No 10 in E-Flat Minor "Quasi Toccata"  749'1980Piano
1978Quartet No 18 in B Minor  7516'1981String Quartet
1979Quartet No 19 in D  7622'1981String Quartet
1979Quartet No 20 in C-Sharp Minor  7718'1981String Quartet
1980Quartet No 21 in B Minor/C  7819'1981String Quartet
1980Return of the Sun (Revised)YouTube 8044'UnpublishedChorus, Soloists, & Orchestra
1981Piano Reverberations (or Responses, Replies): 5 Pieces for ChildrenMP3
Tatyana Smirnova, piano
1982Ukrainian Rhapsody  8116'UnpublishedOrchestra
19823 Epitaphs on the Gravestone of Dostoyevsky  8217'1986Viola
1982Quartet No 22 in C Minor  8317'1986String Quartet
19845 Transcriptions from the Ballet OdysseyYouTube (brief excerpt) 8418'1987Piano
1985Tryptich: "The Last Steps of the Thorny Path"  8514'1987Piano or Organ
19855 Tyutchev Poems PDF8620'1989Bass (Baritone) & Piano
1986Quartet No 23 in B Minor/C  8717'1986String Quartet
19866 Sacred Choruses PDF8817'UnpublishedChorus
1986Quartet No 24 in D Minor/C  890'1988String Quartet
19878 Metaphors PDF900'1990Piano
1988"Harp" (song)  91 No 10'1990Tenor & Harp
1988Nocturne  91 No 20'1990Harp
19882 Lermontov Poems  920'UnpublishedMezzo & Piano